Welcome to our EE home page. I hope some of these items will help.

The following are GENERAL guidelines that explain the grading criteria for ANY extended essay. This is the rubric that I will grade you against and send into IB.

If the above extension won't work for you, try this.

Next, I have included the critiques of past EE's. I think it is really important to read this to know what pitfalls to avoid. I think it really helps you understand what IB is looking for. These are subject specific. I have included some for ESS and some for CHEM. Please review the one(s) that pertains to your paper.

It always has helped me to see examples of things. Even if these topics seem very different from yours, I think you can still get a really good idea what the finished product looks like. I have included some better ones, some middle of the road, and some not so good. You can see the grading criteria so you can tell what parts the grader was pleased with and what parts could have been improved. I would like for you to read two or three of these. The maximum possible score is 36.